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A film about identity, mental health issues and healing one’s soul

It’s dawn. Wearing a backpack, Erik looks out over the neighborhood where he grew up. A soulful journey awaits, months of trekking to a far corner of the world, Cape Finisterre. Erik works for the Church as a cleaner. He’s unhappy with his job and his mental health is strained. To break the vicious cycle of depression along with answers to his inner turmoil, he embarks on a pilgrimage to find direction.

he was born female, but from an early age he felt trapped in the wrong body. When he was 18, he began his transition with hormone treatments. After meeting the love of his life, thoughts of what makes a person a real man weigh on his mind. He struggles with body dysphoria - would he ever be able to accept himself? Suppressed memories resurface. Troubling incidents from the past:bullying at school, years of abuse. Depression have left him too ill to work, but a new door opens – a journey beyond his wildest dreams.


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