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About the director

Jessica Nettelbladt is a director, documentary filmmaker and artist based in Scandinvia. She have made several noticed documentaries and written the books ” How to live and survive as a documentary filmmaker” (2011) , and ”voices within the walls (2018) wich take place inside female prisons in Sweden.


Nettelbladt holds a Master degree in  filming from the Valand Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden, she is also a graduate of Stockholm


Academy of Dramatic  Arts, the Nordic Documentary Film Academy at Biskops Arnö and the Swedish School of Television. She also studied psychologi at the University and have a long knowledge of working with marginalized  and social exposed groups in the society.

Her previous documentary features, ” I Am My Own Dolly Parton, was praised by critics, and ” MonaLisa Story was nominated best documentary 2017 at Guldbaggen and achieved several prizes in Sweden and abroad.

Directors intention

”Prince of Dreams” takes us on an existential journey. At its core, it’s about understanding who you are, what shaped you and how to accept yourself and move on.


I got to know Erik when he was 17, while he was in high school, through his teachers. It didn’t take long before we decided to follow Erik on his journey for a decade, while he struggled to make peace with himself and find acceptance. Back then, I knew very little about gender dysphoria, but it affected me deeply to hear the heartbreaking description – that it was like being trapped in the wrong body. That a human being could lose the will to live. And how there had been years of bullying at school.

This is an account of ten years in Erik’s life, through puberty to adulthood. He encounters setbacks and difficulties along the way, but finds the courage to move on, to work through his issues. Erik’s multi-facetted story is framed by the pilgrimage that begins in the district of Rosengård in Malmö, Sweden, and ends in Spain’s Camino de Finisterre. Erik’s personal journey is one that is shared by many others, one that people of all genders can relate to.

Erik and I both share an interest in the great existential questions along with a dedication to nature and to animals. Our sincere hope is to break taboos, to wipe out the stigma of being different, and to promote a deeper understanding of mental health issues and gender dysphoria. May this film help the general public engage in discussions, and encourage anyone who feels alienated or vulnerable. They are not alone, they truly do have the power to change their lives.


Jessica Nettelbladt


2021 Prince of Dreams

2019 King of Bauhaus

2016 MonaLisa Story

2011 I am my own Dolly Parton

2009 My Hell

2008 Under the stars in Malmö

2007 In the garden of Eden

2006 Memories never die

2005 The path to Pearly Gates

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